Dr. Schwartz is proud to offer this new and exciting treatment to combat inflammation and pain in the foot and ankle! This FDA-approved treatment has been used across the country to treat everyone from professional athletes to patients that suffer from chronic conditions like neuropathy. MLS laser therapy is noninvasive and PAIN-FREE. Sit back and relax and let this revolutionary laser do the work. 


How does this laser work?

The MLS Laser is a Class IV laser. Class IV lasers flood treated tissues with photons, which energize inflamed and damaged cells. The addition of photons to tissue speeds up the healing response in the body, thus reducing inflammation and decreasing pain faster than normal methods of treatment.

What can the MLS Laser treat?

-Injuries in the Foot Ankle

-Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis

-Nerve Pain

-Arthritic Pain

-Strains and Sprains


-Knee Pain

-Chronic Wounds

Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

-Non Invasive/Pain-Free Treatment

-Quick and Effective

-Reduces Inflammation and Pain

-Decreases Healing Times In Damaged and Injured Tissue

-Immediate Improvement In Circulation

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